About Us

About Us

BohoHip started as a family owned and operated company that was started by Mishel Matta a fashion lover.  Growing up on a hobby farm surrounded by nature and all it's beauty he has always had a boho/free spirit vibe about him, which was how BohoHip started.

 BohoHip was created so we could share our passion for not only the boho style but love and peace. We believe in the motto "Peace Begins With Love and Respect." We have created our line around this thought. 

 With a strong passion for the "earthy" look we strive to bring you just that, authentic jewellery pieces that make you feel they have a purpose, inspiring quotes like the selection we offer on our tee's and most of all our boho inspired fashion which we love. 

 With all of our pieces carefully handpicked and selected from artisans around the world, we hope you can find your little piece of Bohemian love in one of our products. 

We know you will love the quality and we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

 Please email us with any questions or concerns at or click here to get in touch.


BohoHip 🦋

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